Ticket Watch™ Electronic Ticketing Software is Ideal for Most Industries
If You Haul and Manage Loads, You Need Ticket Watch
The Ticket Watch™ Electronic Ticketing System Provides a Better Ticket Management Solution for Any Industry that Hauls and Manages Loads.
At Ticket Watch™, we can manage a portion or all of the job-related hauling and ticket tracking duties- even in harsh environments. We can complete your project from start to finish with very minimal involvement from your staff. We offer onsite training and technical support with every Ticket Watch™ system.

Our barcode system will improve your hauling business operations by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing data integrity/reliability
  • Eliminating human error
  • Providing quality assurance
  • Improving inventory control
  • Enabling work-in-progress tracking
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Enabling process control
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The Ticket Watch™ System is Ideal for the Harsh Conditions of Construction Management

The Ticket Watch™ System is Ideal for the Harsh Conditions of Construction Management Services include the tracking and reporting of material movement, ie: dirt, sand, and clay for general contractors, subcontractors, public and private sector businesses, and government agencies.

Construction management companies benefit from our electronic ticketing system because it offers:

  • Accurate electronic load tracking from collection to disposal
  • Real-time reporting via internet of loads, drivers, commodities, agents
  • Driver logistic data management
  • Integration with accounting software to ensure expedient and accurate billing
  • GIS and Digital Photo capability
  • Rugged equipment that withstands the elements and rough handling

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Barcoding Systems Provide Easy Tracking for Hazardous Materials Handling

Ticket Watch™ provides a platform to enter and store required information relative to Hazardous Material handling storage and management.

The implementation of field ready barcodes applied directly to hazardous storage units provides the following:

  • Proper handling assurance – Requires signature authorization and full data before transaction can be completed and authorized
  • GPS coordinates- Where and when the material is stored and permanent validation through barcode identification
  • Special handling instructions-Instructions for handling material can be provided at time of initial material entry ensuring proper handling procedures are adhered to
  • Implementation of exception handling processes

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Emergency and Disaster Monitoring Services Work Even During Power Outages

The Ticket Watch™ monitoring systems inspect debris contractor operations to ensure FEMA eligibility and accurate debris load removal.

Our electronic barcoding system allows disaster cleanup companies an efficient way to:

  • Monitor debris contractors to ensure compliance with contracts
  • Inspect and validate loads and perform load surveying at loading sites and dumping sites
  • Perform data ticket entry
  • Monitor load metrics
  • Document removed debris to ensure eligibility
  • Prepare project worksheets
  • Coordinate and assemble all data into approved documentation for clients and FEMA

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These are just a few of the ways Ticket Watch™ saves load hauling industries time and prevents loss during everyday operations. For a free demonstration and to see Ticket Watch™ in action contact us today!

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Mike N. Naperville Exc.
"State of the Art Capabilities to Manage Any Ticketing Operation Your Company May Need!

I would like to say how much improvement the Ticket Watch system has brought to our trucking operations. Our management team can now see an electronic ticket and categorize the tickets to the way they want to analyze the data. We have noticed fewer errors by the field personnel...
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TicketWatch Android Smartphone etickets Application
  • User Friendly
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Fast download and startup of our system (smartphone application downloads in less than 5 minutes)
  • Great tool for smooth project management
  • Customer has control over the smartphones and printers they use
  • 15 day free trial period
  • Meets the needs for Department of Transportation Agencies throughout the country regarding social distancing
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