Ticket Watch™ Reviews from Satisfied Customers

See How We've Helped Clients Improve their Ticketing Process

Our clients are fast to point out the noticeable improvement in their ticketing process. We appreciate their taking the time to send us a few kind words about how electronic ticketing and bar codes have reduced errors and improved the overall management of their ticketing operations.

“I would like to say how much improvement the Ticket Watch system has brought to our trucking operations.  The ability to synchronize our tickets with the office has opened a whole new world of opportunity. Our management team can now see an electronic ticket and categorize the tickets to the way they want to analyze the data.  We have noticed fewer errors by the field personal with a more simplistic attitude toward tickets.  Our company has been using the Psion Ikon scanner which is about as straight forward as using a smart phone. With its small, compact, easy to read screen, its makes for a short day of creating tickets. Ticket Watch’s complete package gives you state of the art capabilities to manage any ticketing operation your company may need.”

Mike N. Naperville Exc.

"We have used Ticket Watch on 2 successive excavation contracts requiring roughly 650,000 CY of material to be hauled offsite. In real time we were able to record and verify over 50,000 loads ensuring that we were paid for every load and didn’t get charged for loads that weren’t hauled. This was done using 2 cell phones syncing to the Ticket Watch database in real time, driver tickets were printed onsite with mobile printers, and we were able to check production in real time from the office. Using Ticket Watch we were able to give the project owner confidence that they received the material they were paying for and gave us the ability to verify that we were not paying contract haulers for phantom loads. Ticket Watch proved to be a simple and effective way to monitor over 500 loads per shift."

Earth Builders, LP

TicketWatch Android Smartphone etickets Application
  • User Friendly
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Fast download and startup of our system (smartphone application downloads in less than 5 minutes)
  • Great tool for smooth project management
  • Customer has control over the smartphones and printers they use
  • 15 day free trial period
  • Meets the needs for Department of Transportation Agencies throughout the country regarding social distancing
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