Barcoding Systems Provide Easy Tracking for Hazardous Materials Handling
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Accurate Hazmat ADMS for Hauling Hazardous Materials

Ticket Watch™ provides a secure platform to enter and store required information relative to Hazardous Material handling storage and management.

 Construction Management Software Texas - TicketWatch - DSC_0019The implementation of field ready barcodes applied directly to hazardous storage units provides the following:

  • Proper handling assurance - Requires signature authorization and full data before transaction can be completed and authorized
  • GPS coordinates - Where and when the material is stored and permanent validation through barcode identification
  • Special handling instructions - Instructions for handling material can be provided at time of initial material entry ensuring proper handling procedures are adhered to
  • Implementation of exception handling processes


Convenient Hazmat Hauling Software

One of the most common sources of unexpected costs on a construction or disaster recovery site is hazmat management. The more complicated or extensive the job is, the more difficult it is to keep track of how many loads each truck carried, who was driving each truck, what fuel and equipment needs the trucks have, and a myriad of other key concerns. Failing to keep track of these issues, however, can lead to redundant efforts, equipment problems, pay disputes, and other issues that can vastly increase costs or derail the job entirely.

Ticket Watch™’s hazardous material ADMS offers automated tracking for all of these processes.

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By incorporating the latest technology into your hauling processes, we give you the power to:

  • Mitigate Mistakes - Our vehicle ticket software keeps track of all of your trucks, what jobs they are doing, and the rate at which they are doing those jobs. Using it thus decreases the risk that you will assign too few or too many trucks to one site, a costly mistake that wastes both times and resources.
  • Strengthen Safety Protocols - Our software provides alerts for any threats to your drivers or equipment and can assess the condition of your vehicles and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Not only does this keep your drivers safe, but it also preserves your inventory and eliminates a source of major delays.
  • Pay Prudently - Besides protecting your drivers, our software also reduces the likelihood of problems paying them. By tracking which driver operates each truck and the amount of driving he or she did, Ticket Watch™ ensures that all workers will be fairly compensated for their contributions. This improves drivers’ job satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.
  • Communicate With Customers - Tracking software from Ticket Watch™ offers detailed updates on the progress of your trucks in real time. It will thus be easier for you to communicate with your customers, providing them with meaningful updates on when they can expect the job they hired you for to be finished. Your customers will thus be more confident in your progress and your ability to get the job done quickly.
  • Plan Proactively - Your customers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from access to detailed data on your dump truck operations. By looking through the history of your work, identifying examples of inefficiency or missed opportunities, and taking corrective steps, you can dramatically improve your company’s productivity. Our software gathers and reports all the information you need to evaluate and enhance your trucking activities.

The value of these improvements goes far beyond raising short-term productivity. Over time, your company will gain a reputation for safety, efficiency, and committed customer service, convincing new clients to give you their business and old ones to remain loyal. The initial benefits of using Ticket Watch™ thus reverberate throughout the life of your company, setting the stage for enduring success.

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Mike N. Naperville Exc.
"State of the Art Capabilities to Manage Any Ticketing Operation Your Company May Need!

I would like to say how much improvement the Ticket Watch system has brought to our trucking operations. Our management team can now see an electronic ticket and categorize the tickets to the way they want to analyze the data. We have noticed fewer errors by the field personnel...
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TicketWatch Android Smartphone etickets Application
  • User Friendly
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  • Fast download and startup of our system (smartphone application downloads in less than 5 minutes)
  • Great tool for smooth project management
  • Customer has control over the smartphones and printers they use
  • 15 day free trial period
  • Meets the needs for Department of Transportation Agencies throughout the country regarding social distancing
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