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Automated Debris Management Software for the Hauling Industry

Finally, a Load Hauling and Fleet Management System That Ensures Optimal Accuracy 

Automated Debris Management System - ADMS - Ticketwatch.net - ticket(1)From natural disaster recovery operations to new construction projects, debris and materials management are critical for safe, efficient work. The more effectively your company can clear away debris and bring in new materials, the faster it will be to finish the job with fewer mistakes. This process, however, requires careful coordination between countless drivers, managers, and workers, and even minor errors may compromise the entire operation. Ticket Watch™ provides advanced ADMS to automate the entire material management processes, paving the way for successful recovery and construction efforts.

Keep Track of Your Load Hauling with GPS Tracking from Ticket Watch™

 Load Ticket System Software Ohio - TicketWatch - DSC_0019

With barcode scanning, you'll know when your loads are picked up and dropped off. With this real-time monitoring, you can get a better understanding of where your drivers are and when to expect them back. Because our tickets are automatically reconciled, you'll know right away if a load goes missing. Our system helps you reduce load loss and increase driver accountability.

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Our barcode and scanning system greatly reduces your truck turnaround time. Just point, scan, sign, and print! The truck can be on its way to the next destination in about 16 seconds. This saves time for the trucker paid by the load, administration time for the carrier paying the trucks, and less time is spent by the owner disputing discrepancies.

At the end of the day, your billing team can simply click a few buttons to reconcile your tickets. No need to wait for drivers to turn in their tickets. Data integrity is increased by generating easy to read reports that contain accurate information. You'll be able to manage and dispatch the trucks more efficiently and your time can be spent growing your business instead of tracking down errors.

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TicketWatch Android Smartphone etickets Application
  • User Friendly
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Fast download and startup of our system (smartphone application downloads in less than 5 minutes)
  • Great tool for smooth project management
  • Customer has control over the smartphones and printers they use
  • 15 day free trial period
  • Meets the needs for Department of Transportation Agencies throughout the country regarding social distancing
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