Technology Transforms Fleet Management

"In today’s world, it is common to hear that your business should be making “data-driven decisions.” Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, making it possible to harness data and use it to find new efficiencies in your vehicle fleet; however not every business has caught on. Owners of smaller fleets in particular may feel like they just do not have space in their budgets, but companies of every size can benefit from fleet management technology – which, in time, should provide a significant ROI.

Fleet tracking systems can be deployed by dealers to maximize their investment on service calls, and they can be leveraged as a value-add for clients.

How Fleet Management Technologies Work

Fleet management technologies encompass a wide range of features, and while GPS tracking is the most common, the best solutions go well beyond simple tracking. In addition to GPS, a comprehensive solution may include:

  • Automated alerts and notifications;
  • Cloud-based software that is accessible from mobile devices;
  • Powerful reporting and access to historical data;
  • Driver behavior tracking that monitors speeding and excessive idling;
  • Route optimization and turn-by-turn directions;
  • Maintenance tracking and scheduling; and
  • Driver scheduling capabilities.

Fleet management technology uses a combination of software and hardware. The hardware is the actual tracking device that is installed on your vehicles – either openly via the OBD-II port or covertly without the driver’s knowledge. The software enables access to the data and automates aspects of fleet management. It should be intuitive and easy-to-use from any device for on-the-go management."

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