What Are Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

As with any industry, success in transportation means taking advantage of new technologies and trends. Nowhere is this more clear than with GPS tracking, a technology that improves fleet efficiency dramatically. The sooner you adopt it, the easier it will be for your company to:

Cut Down Delivery Times

Often, the shortest route to a destination as the crow flies is not the quickest once traffic, weather, and other obstacles are taken into account. Through GPS tracking, you can examine the routes that your vehicles have traveled to reach each destination and look for inefficiencies in your current strategy. You can then identify more rapid routes and instruct your drivers to follow them. This leads to greater customer satisfaction while freeing up your trucks to complete a larger number of jobs at any given time.

Economic & Environmental Savings

Besides speeding up the delivery process, finding quicker routes to your destination saves fuel. The less time you spend on the road per delivery, the less money you will spend on gas, allowing you to offer your customers lower prices. Reduced fuel use also lowers your impact on the environment, which will improve your company’s public image and may make you eligible for state, Federal, and private subsidies.

Shoring Up Safety

The most advanced GPS tracking systems measure engine temperature, oil levels, and other metrics that indicate the condition your vehicles are in. With this information, you can identify equipment problems ahead of time and make the necessary repairs and upgrades before they cause an accident. If one of your trucks does break down, a GPS system will let you know the location of the nearest vehicles that can provide assistance.

Insurance Incentives

Thanks to the safety advantages of GPS systems, insurance companies offer incentives for installing them. For the initial cost of the system, you can lower your premiums by up to 35 percent.

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