Fleet Tracking Software

Innovative Approach Towards Fleet Ticketing Software

Fleet Tracking Software - GPS and Ticket Tracking - fleetWe understand that in the trucking industry, time is money. The driver and dispatcher need to make sure that all systems are in check and are supporting each other for a seamless, efficient workflow. Our fleet tracking software is beneficial to both drivers and dispatchers in helping for a more organized and proficient work environment.

Traditionally, keeping track of a number of loads hauled involves multiple tickets. Usually, these tickets are handwritten and collected from the driver. After they are matched manually against invoices from quarries and haulers, this lengthy process can cost a lot of time, money, and inaccuracies. However, with Ticket Watch™, those worries can be erased. We can create a ticket within 16 seconds – leaving everything else automated. Instead of writing out tickets by hand, our tracking system captures data and signatures along with a time and date stamp via handheld scanners.

Get More Efficient Routing with GPS Tracking

Many of the most successful trucking companies use fleet tracking software. The trucking industry is essentially the backbone of the United States as over 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the US goes on trucks. Ticket Watch™ can help keep the trucks moving with our fleet management software. It’ll improve inefficiencies, eliminate the possibilities of theft, and cut costs. With the added GPS tracking software, it won't just save you on fuel, labor, and maintenance costs, it'll help organize dispatching and routing – making the truck driver's route easier, accurate, and faster.

Downtime is a driver's worst nightmare. With our software, reducing downtime will continuously improve productivity and profits of any transportation company. We can help you achieve better-informed decisions, efficient scheduling, and reduce interruption.

With the proper mapping software, the fleet owners, managers, and dispatchers can pinpoint the location of every vehicle in their company. With this knowledge, the dispatchers have the ability to successfully direct their drivers to any job site. It's also easy to determine when a truck has arrived onsite and when it left, providing verifiable proof of services. Ticket Watch™'s fleet tracking software can be the solution to your problems by incorporating improved customer service. Better routing and dispatching means getting products and materials to your customers quickly, which makes them happier and more likely to use your services again.

Hauling Fleet Tracking Software - GPS and Ticket Tracking - HaulLeading Fleet Management Software for Hauling

Many businesses rely on hauling companies to get materials to them, so it's essential the haulers get those materials to them on time. Ticket Watch™ understands that when hauling materials or products, timing is everything. You want to haul your products to the destination quickly, efficiently, and punctually. However, paper tickets could cause disruption and lost time. Between hours spent looking for the paper tickets to inaccurate information, the traditional way of writing tickets and invoices is a thing of the past. Ticket Watch™ saves time by producing accurate tickets in a matter of seconds. No costly human errors, incomplete, or illegible tickets. Ticket Watch™ provides a cost competitive solution to the hauling industry that replaces the use of handwritten tickets.

Why worry about lost, stolen, or obscured tickets when everything you need is stored electronically? Ticket Watch™ creates an accurate ticket in less than 16 seconds - so drivers don't have to worry about any incorrect information or pricey mistakes. The days of lost, incomplete, and illegible tickets are now gone. Instead of drivers focusing on writing out their tickets and invoices, they can concentrate more on getting their cargo to and from their clients without disruptions.

Fewer Errors and Inaccuracies with Ticket Watch™

Fear of theft? No worries, Ticket Watch™ reduces the chance of theft when hauling important or valuable materials. Our fleet management tracking system will provide dispatchers with up to date GPS coordinates and workloads, so the fear of theft is minimized. Our system operates on a convenient scanner which utilizes a barcode that stores any gathered information. Ticket Watch™ captures data, signatures, and the time stamp via the scanner. The information stored on the scanner will then be uploaded to the website for instantaneous viewing.

With Ticket Watch™'s integrated tracking and dispatch applications, this will allow fleet managers to effectively plan routes and will provide management with insight into fleet data, as well as activity reports. Dispatchers have the ability to pinpoint the location of any of their trucks hauling the materials. With the built-in GPS tracking feature, it makes it easier for dispatchers to plan the best routing possible for their drivers. They'll be able to locate the trucks, see their route, and view if the driver has encountered any obstacles. Not only does the GPS software help with efficient dispatch and routing, but it can also save on fuel, labor, and maintenance costs.

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Waste & Materials Management Software

When transporting hazardous waste and materials, it's important that any hazardous materials are disposed of safely and properly. It's crucial to know where the fleet that’s hauling these materials is located, if they made it to their destination, or encountered any complications during their route. Our technology is your key solution to eliminate the need for the traditional paper ticket logs during the hazardous materials moving process.

By replacing the traditional, handwritten tickets with devices that collect real-time data. Ticket Watch™ operates on a scanner which will utilize a barcode for storing any captured information that has been gathered. Our tracking system will capture the data, signatures, and time stamp via a handheld scanner. After, this information is stored on the scanner then uploaded online for instant viewing. With our software, the tendency for human error, theft, or data entry mistakes is significantly reduced. In return, this results in more efficiencies, more accuracies, and cuts down cost. There's no more concern for lost tickets or having to wait for these tickets to be dropped off. With us, it'll take less than 16 seconds to write a ticket, and the rest is all automated for your convenience.

Fleet Tracking Software - GPS and Ticket Tracking - trucksPremier Fleet Tracking Software

Hazardous materials include explosives, flammables, poisonous gasses, radioactive materials, and more. These can be very harmful to the environment and to one's health since exposure to toxic materials can cause injury or even death. If a hazardous waste disaster happens, it's critical to get the removal crews there as quickly as possible to prevent any harm. Ticket Watch™ is GPS compatible, meaning dispatchers can see where the truck is at when it entered the site, and when it left the destination with verifiable evidence.

One of the most important tasks faced by communities, governments, and anyone involved with the logistics of hazardous materials is reducing the possible negative impact. Routing these materials accurately and designing securer networks are great ways to achieve this end goal. Ticket Watch™ can help the dispatchers locate the best route and execute the plan to safely transport hazardous waste and materials.


Fleet Tracking Software - GPS and Ticket Tracking - tankerTicket Watch™ Improves Efficiencies with Oil Hauling

Oil is an essential resource and one of the most important raw materials we have. Distributed throughout the supply chain, oil plays a large role in many businesses. How the oil is dispersed to these businesses is also fundamental. Vehicles, such as tanker trucks, carry the oil needed for some businesses, however, obstacles may happen during the route. Ticket Watch™ can help track these problems with our fleet tracking software. Our software is GPS compatible, which helps dispatchers locate the whereabouts of the tanker truck. With traditional paper tracking, the handwritten tickets are collected from the driver and are matched manually against invoices from quarries and haulers, causing a relatively lengthy process.

Ticket Watch™'s fleet management system will eliminate the use of paper tickets. No more writing out the information by hand, just simply scan the barcode and any information will be gathered and stored on our easy-to-use handheld device. Our system will capture the data, signatures, and time stamp via a handheld scanner. The information stored on the scanner will then be uploaded online for immediate viewing. The probability of human error, theft, or data entry errors is significantly reduced by utilizing our software. The results are more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.  With us, it'll take less than 16 seconds to write a ticket, and the rest is all automated for your convenience.

Top-Rated Fleet Tracking Software for Tanker Trucks

Getting the job done quickly and accurately is everyone's goal. With Ticket Watch™, our software won't just save you time, but also money.  The increase of productivity will benefit both the drivers and dispatchers. Our Fleet Management Software can help reduce the fuel costs your fleet is consuming by monitoring fuel usage and idle times. Ticket Watch™ can help the dispatchers, or anyone monitoring, manage the loading and offloading of the oil from the tanks or trucks. Our software will also allow operators to view, save, and send reports with ease.

Part of ensuring fuel transport safety is picking the right routes that avoid hard-to-navigate paths. When scheduling routes, it's important to plan out a schedule to avoid the heaviest traffic. Not only will this improve efficiency, it can also help avoid vehicular collisions. With GPS tracking, you can make sure that drivers are sticking to the right routes and schedules for the greatest proficiency and safety. This won't just help the safety of the drivers hauling the oil, but also helping everyone's security on the roads.

When you program pick-up and offloading processes with Ticket Watch™, your drivers will be able to complete pickups and drop-offs even more successfully which will allow everyone involved to get more work done. By replacing paper tickets and invoices with our software, scanners, and barcodes, drivers will be able to complete their jobs quicker and can deliver more accurate tickets and data. Our system will replace handwritten tickets and invoices with actual time data collection devices as the main record.

Environmental/Disaster Debris

Tracking Every Move During a Disaster

After a major disaster or when emergency strikes, it's crucial that response and recovery efforts are implemented in a safe, quick, and efficient methods. By partnering with industry leaders and utilizing debris tracking technology, Ticket Watch™ can provide instant, detailed, and precise tracking information on the removal and disposal of debris. Our team wants to help those affected by the disastrous situation to be able to find stability and recovery as soon as possible.

Our Fleet Tracking Software provides real-time tracking of the vehicles involved in the debris removal process. Our software can pinpoint the location of every vehicle in the debris removal process. Dispatchers will be able to successfully direct the drivers to the site of the disaster. With verifiable proof of services, it's easy to regulate whether the vehicles are on site or when they left.

The aftermath of an emergency or disaster can accumulate a lot of debris, Ticket Watch™ can be there every step of the way tracking the debris removal process. Our technology will not only help the disaster crew with their jobs but also those impacted by the destruction.

Saving Time with Paperless Logs

In the midst of a disaster, timing is everything. With handwriting tickets, there's a chance for those tickets to get lost or the possibility of making a crucial mistake. Ticket Watch™ can save you time, money, and mistakes by going paperless. With us, it takes less than 16 seconds to create a ticket and everything else is automated. Our tracking system captures data and signatures along with a time and date stamp via handheld scanners.

By replacing handwritten tickets with devices that collect real-time data, our team is raising the bar for documentation and protection. Our Fleet Tracking Software reduces the risk of theft and fraudulent activities which minimize the possibilities of costly charges. We ensure to abide by FEMA compliance by tracking and documenting the location and movement of debris removal crews, personnel, contractors, equipment, and debris in actual time.


Fleet Tracking Software - GPS and Ticket Tracking - toolsTop-Rated Construction Fleet Tracking Software

A construction project is a hefty task. Between designing, gathering workers, and moving materials, this industry has many components. In each phase of the construction task, timeliness, punctuality, and attention to detail are vital. The traditional method of tallying loads hauled involved handwritten logs. However, this could result in inaccuracies and errors, not to mention it takes a lot of time and effort. With Ticket Watch™, we can ensure that all vehicles, materials, and project members are on site and working. Having an issue with theft? No worries, Ticket Watch™ can help prevent theft. It's no secret that construction projects will often work around the clock, with Ticket Watch™, you can manage time card reporting through tracking to ensure your materials have arrived and your employees are working.

With Ticket Watch™'s handheld device, it captures and stores information accurately, quickly, and easily. Our software obtains data, signatures, and time stamps via our scanner. Soon, all the information will be uploaded online for instant viewing. This will help reduce costly human errors and inaccuracies. Our fleet management tracking software will provide a cost competitive solution to the vehicles used in the construction industry as opposed to the traditional paper logs and invoices.

Ensure Your Project Is Running Smoothly

A fear of many construction sites is when the production stops. In order to keep a smooth production line, every part needs to be working properly -including transportation. With Ticket Watch™'s GPS tracking, the dispatcher can locate the whereabouts of the vehicle hauling the construction materials. With this data, the dispatchers have the ability to successfully direct their drivers to any job site. This function can also eliminate the interferences that cause project delays and possible missed deadlines. Ticket Watch™ is a simple solution to determine when a truck has arrived onsite and when it left by providing verifiable proof of services. Our fleet tracking software can be the answer to your problems by incorporating better customer service, better routing, and efficient transportation.

Ticket Watch is recognized as the industry leader for Automated Debris Management System, call today for a detailed consultation. 

Vehicle, equipment and material downtime can delay your construction project or possibly fail to meet an important deadline. Fleet tracking software will strengthen your thriving business, making it more productive than ever before. Use real-time reports to determine workforce necessity and future manpower so you can plan accordingly. With the use of GPS tracking technology, this will give the construction workers the ability to manage all their operations effectively and efficiently. In return, this will reduce cost, reduce risk, and increase revenue.

Save time with paperless logs. For more information on improving your hauling with our fleet management system, contact Ticket Watch™ today.

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